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BASEMENT MC 2017 33 : G.A.T.E.S - back from the grave TAPE

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*Only 1 copy for Japan address

BASEMENT MC 2017 33 : G.A.T.E.S - back from the grave TAPE (basement records)

300 copies pressed

After 18 years of evil, Tokyo punk metal bastards G.A.T.E.S. finally release their debut album! Preceded by a battery of demos, singles and splits to lay the foundations, the metalpunk pioneers have shared black gold with the likes of Children of Technology, Blüdwülf and none-more-honourable than Disclose, the enduring legacy of D-Beat Master Kawakami.
Hammering drums of hell are the cavalry, double-bass madness and d-beat chaos driving relentlessly forward. Loose and sleazy bass work is the artillery, unleashing salvo after salvo with a filth-laden swagger worthy of Motörhead. Razorsharp guitar riffage is the infantry, swarming the battlefield with diverse tactics to attain supremacy and slaughter without mercy. Vocals are the imperious command HQ, ex-Coffins/Church Of Misery throatshredder Yoshiaki Negishi assaulting with tyranny.
11 diverse and hook-laden hymns of Hades storm your consciousness in a half-hour monument of fire and damnation. Hail the united troops of heavy metal and punk rock – worship the eternal hellstorm of blazing glory! - taken from me saco un ojo records