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DEGENERATE - destreation-破壊創造- CD

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DEGENERATE - destreation-破壊創造- CD (bronze fist records/go to hell)

Released in 2014, Hardcore band from Osaka, Japan.

Info : 

Osaka hardcore monster, Reito Mudetsu (DEGENERATE) The long-awaited 1st album "DESTREATION -Destruction Creation-" is finally here!

Since its formation in 2001, Reito Mudetsu (Degenerate) has been developing vigorous live activities based in Osaka. They have an assault Japanese hardcore sound that exquisitely matches a villainous Japanese vocal that wields ferociousness like a beast on a metallic and ultra-solid guitar, participated in numerous omnibus CDs so far, with Mad Guillotines in Nagoya After the release of the coupling CD, many people have been waiting for a full album with 15 songs!