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ALKERDEEL - luizig CD (at war with false noise/ consouling sounds)

Released in 2011, Raw Sludge/Black Metal band from Belgium. Formed in 2005. 

Info :

New (and final) reissue of the long-sold out demo tape that Funeral Folk put out in an edition of 66 copies and I released in an edition of 500 a couple of years ago. People keep asking if this will be available again and since the new Alkerdeel album is imminent (next month!!!) we figured we may as well do another run at a low price to let those who missed out first time hear what all the hassle is about.

This is some of the most filthy, disgusting stuff I've ever heard; one long track that goes from all-out black metal fuzz to passages of total low-end DOOM to seriously disturbed ambient passages, all sounding like it was recorded on somebody's walkman in a dungeon somewhere. 20-odd minutes of totally harrowing bleakness. True Belgian nihilism!!

New "red edition" coreleased with Consouling Sound. Fold-over card insert in a PVC sleeve. 500 copies. - at war with false noise